Students with Disabilities

If you are a student with a disability, both the government and Camosun have various supports in place to assist you in your academic journey. Get informed and make the most of the programs available to you.

Establishing Disability Status

Establishing Disability Status

If you wish to be considered for disability-related grants or supplementary bursaries, and if you want to be eligible for full-time funding with a 40-59% credit load, you must apply for Disability (PD) status through StudentAid BC. This is done by submitting anڴǰ.

dzٱ:Persons with Disabilities status through the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovationis notthe same as having Permanent Disability status with StudentAid BC.

What Disability Programs might I be eligible for?

If StudentAid BC has deemed you to have a permanent disability or a persistent or prolonged disability, you may be eligible for financial support, provided you demonstrate financial need. Demonstrate financial need by submitting an application forfull-timeǰpart-timeڳܲԻ徱Բ.

Search for additional funding for students with disabilities.

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Not a BC resident?

Check-in with your home province or territory to learn how to secure PD status for student loan and grant purposes. Visit thesite for contact information.

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Find support

If you have questions about the PDPA, government funding for students with a disability, or how Camosun can best support you during your studies connect with theCentre for Accessible Learning— ideally four months before classes start.